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Proxy server is a computer server and / or a computer program that can act as another computer, functions to make requests to the content / pages / objects on the Internet or intranet. Proxy Server acts as a gateway to the Internet for each client computer, the proxy server is not visible (software) by the client computer. So if a user interacting with the Internet via a proxy server he will not know that a proxy server is handling the request / demand content / pages / object does.


  • Access for All SSH Server Singapore

  • Singapore SQUID - 1 : 8080,3128
  • Singapore SQUID - 2 : 8080,3128
  • Singapore SQUID - 3 : 8080,3128
  • Singapore SQUID - 4 : 8080,3128
  • Singapore SQUID - 5 : 8080,3128
  • Access for All SSH Server 1 Month

  • US- SQUID : 8080,3128

Squid server stores and provides pages (objects) the requested web client from any storage media locally (local disc) after a request for the first time on the page (object) web are met, so that the same request to the Web page the next does not need to be taken directly to the website server